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Precious Image Creations, Inc. was originally created to produce fashionable clothing for moms to discreetly nurse their babies.

In 2001 we learned of the benefits of Skin to Skin Contact.  We immediately began to develop garments for Mom to hold her infant Skin-to-Skin, Breastfeed and be hands free.

In 2003 I  met and was mentored by two of the experts in the field of Skin to Skin Contact/Kangaroo Care. I was certified in Kangaroo Care by UISKC and have remained active.

Because of the critical need for Skin to Skin Contact the first week of life, my focus has been to work with Birthing Centers. Our garments have been used by hospitals for over 8 years. The research and development stemming from these associations has led my company to develop a full line of garments for Skin-to-Skin contact use in L&D, OR, NICU, Postpartum, and the first year of life.

The Second Skin Swaddle is the garment I recommend for all Birthing Centers.  Following information will be attached.


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Labor and Delivery

Wearing The Second Skin Swaddle Is The Perfect Way to Welcome your Baby into the World

Provides coverage during labor and Delivery. After your baby is born he will be dried, diapered and placed on your chest. He will then be covered with the Swaddle Section to keep him warm and secure. The Womb like Enclosure will comfort him as he hears your heart beat and the sound of your voice. Learn More

Hands Free Hold

Step-by-step instructions on using the swaddle

Click below to learn all the steps on how to properly use your swaddle to effectively hold your baby skin-to-skin. Learn More

For Dad's

Great Shirt for Dad to Hold and Bond With His Precious Gift

Skin to Skin Contact the first weeks of life have been proven to be a life changing event for you and your newborn. It is also great for Mom to have a break.

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The Second Skin Swaddle “patent pending” For Post Partum Wear Allows You to be Discreet While You Safely Hold your Baby In Skin to Skin Contact

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Moderate Hold

There are two identical sections to the Second Skin Swaddle. A Single Section is used for Labor and Delivery a second section is added for the moderate hold. The design and flexibility of the Swaddle provides all that is needed for Labor/ Delivery and Postpartum while mom is in bed.

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