Post Partum Competency Checklist

Post Partum Competency Checklist

  • Ask mothers if they did kangaroo care immediately after delivery.
  • Ask mothers if kangaroo care was explained to them.
  • Reinforce or inform mother/partner/family about kangaroo care and benefits for all who practice it.


  1. Kangaroo care is holding diaper clad infant skin-to-skin, chest-to-chest.
  2. Should be done with all newborns
  3. Best place to keep infant warm or re-warm cold infant.
  4. Helps newborn adjust to life outside the uterus.
  5. Best habitat for the newborn is in kangaroo care where they:
  • Feel safe,
  • Feel protected,
  • Can maintain normal temperature,
  • Smell familiar odors,
  • Hear familiar comforting sounds,
  • Decreased perception of pain,
  • Ready access to food.
    1. Kangaroo care is very important in the initiation of bonding and attachment.
    2. Kangaroo care will help the mother feel like a mother and initiate mothering behaviors.
    3. Kangaroo care helps both mother and newborn relax and decreases the effects of the stress of labor.
    4. Infants have more natural sleep when in KC
    5. Helps with breastfeeding initiation.
  • When held in KC the infant is likely to move toward the breast and latch on.
  • Providing infant with colostrum during the first few days coats the gut and lungs with immunological properties to protect newborn from infections. This initial protection last for a long time.
  • KC encourages frequent breastfeeding.
  • KC helps with establishment of hormones needed for milk supply.


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