Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any risks for the baby to slip and fall?

All of our products allow you to breastfeed, move around and give you that added support while providing essential skin-to-skin care.

Are these carriers designed to allow skin-to-skin contact only when the mother is sitting or can she move around with the baby in the carrier?

All of our products are deigned to hold a baby hands-free either in an upright or in breastfeeding position.

What is the weight capacity for each of your carriers and how does the newborn’s head stay upright?

  • The Miracle Cami is designed to hold a baby up to 15 lbs. To keep the baby’s head still while upright, place the top portion of the Cami on the base of the baby’s neck.
  • The Kan-go Wrap is designed to hold a baby up to 20 lbs. To keep the baby’s head still while upright, place the crisscross/overlap part of the Wrap on the base of the baby’s neck.
  • The Skin-to-Skin Carrier is designed to hold multiple births up to a combined weight of 25 lbs. To keep the baby’s head still while upright, place the top portion of the Skin-to-Skin carrier on the base of the baby’s neck

How can I make sure the baby stays the right temperature?

Direct contact with the breast provides the correct temperature regulation while the material we use allows you to “breathe” comfortably.

Can a nursing bra be worn underneath?

They will fit underneath but not recommended for Skin to Skin Benefits.

Not for Skin to Skin Contact

Kangaroo Care (KC), skin-to-skin chest-to-chest contact between an infant and his/her parent, has been shown to be beneficial for preterm and full term infants.  The infant and mother must have full skin-to-skin contact, without any clothing or materials being present in the ventral are (no bras are allowed!) because fabric in the ventral area will impeded all brain-mediated responses to KC (Kress, Minati, Ferraro, & Critchley, 2011).

Is there a weight / size / age guideline or cut-off?

The Miracle Cami weight is 15-17 pounds approximately the first 3 months.

What about maintaining and airway for the baby? One of the models in your picture {in the blue wrap} has the baby covered. That always concerns me. I urged my test mom to ensure a good supply of air for the baby {especially since his problems were respiratory}

  • The Wrap is to be tied snug on the mom with each front spread from side to side. The baby is then slid down into the wrap. The ties are secured under the baby’s bottom. The two fronts cross at the base of the baby’s neck when the baby is in the upright position securing the airway. When the baby is turned sideways to breastfeed, the nursing side is pulled out to enlarge approximately 5″.
  • The overlapping area of the front is at the base of the baby’s neck. If the mother wants more coverage, the mom can pull the extra fabric over from the underside or top side. One edge of the front is securing the neck and the other layer is gently holding the head.
  • If the baby’s airway is a concern it is recommended to keep the crisscross at the base of the neck with nursing side open.

Have you seen the tube top and what are you observations?

  • My observation is that when the baby is upright the tube top will position the baby, but will not hold the baby secure because there is no upper support of the garment.
  • The real opportunity comes when the infant is positioned for breast feeding. The tube top has to slide down because the width of the tube top is then too confining.
  • The additional area width needed for breastfeeding a 3 pound baby is approximately 7″. The additional area width needed for an 8 pound baby is approximately 9″. This can only be accomplished by expansions designed in our garments.

We recommend the Cami. It is the simplest to use and provides the most support for single births, but hospitals tend to choose the Wrap.

Labor and Delivery

Wearing The Second Skin Swaddle Is The Perfect Way to Welcome your Baby into the World

Provides coverage during labor and Delivery. After your baby is born he will be dried, diapered and placed on your chest. He will then be covered with the Swaddle Section to keep him warm and secure. The Womb like Enclosure will comfort him as he hears your heart beat and the sound of your voice. Learn More

Hands Free Hold

Step-by-step instructions on using the swaddle

Click below to learn all the steps on how to properly use your swaddle to effectively hold your baby skin-to-skin. Learn More

For Dad's

Great Shirt for Dad to Hold and Bond With His Precious Gift

Skin to Skin Contact the first weeks of life have been proven to be a life changing event for you and your newborn. It is also great for Mom to have a break.

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The Second Skin Swaddle “patent pending” For Post Partum Wear Allows You to be Discreet While You Safely Hold your Baby In Skin to Skin Contact

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Moderate Hold

There are two identical sections to the Second Skin Swaddle. A Single Section is used for Labor and Delivery a second section is added for the moderate hold. The design and flexibility of the Swaddle provides all that is needed for Labor/ Delivery and Postpartum while mom is in bed.

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