Barriers to Overcome for KMC

Critical Barrier

1)      KMC messaging only about warmth

What Swaddle Does

Does help sustain warmth

Holds infant close to stimulate c-afferent nerves –insular cortex-central oxytocin release-

Better bonding and commitment to baby-

Encourages  more KMC


Other Solutions

Give message of other

outcomes in  handouts:

Raised BP, stable HR, breathing and oxygen.

Lower infections

Better weight gain,

Better mental development up to 16 years

Better motor development up to 16 years.

See cuddle me close for example.

  1. Videos
  2. Good Posters
  3. Pictures in material
2)      Troubles Sleeping Prevents infant from slipping and slidingAllows access to breast so night feeding s easier

Allows milk expression easily at night

Keeps baby up against chest-c-afferent nerve stimulate – insular cortex- oxytocin improves sleep & induces sleep

Mom needs elevation, devices  for 30 to 40 degrees elevation
3)      Lack of Support for Practicing KMC What Swaddle will DoUse swaddle with  grandmother for a  session  and  for anyone else in immediate family Other ResolutionsEarly & Continuing Education that KMC is best for all babies and for all Health Professionals. Send to USMC Education Counselor bring USMC course to them
4)      Stigma of having PTB Disguise the PTBAllows all infants to be fed

When all infants are feed the PT’s are not discriminated

Encourage / Mandate KC for all newborns as recommended as one of the 5 Elements of Essential care of the newborn by WHO.
Very Important

5)      Lack of training on KMC during ANC

Use swaddle to demonstrate with baby doll & encourage each mother to it Other Resolutions

5a) Solar powered video of doctors recommending KC to pregnant woman.

5b) Have a mannequin & baby doll in swaddle to continue awareness of KMC

5c) Have spiral bound picture books of KMC the good outcome warmth, & BP, & Brain, & motor

5d) Have USMC customize education course for you .

6)      Low participation of family members during the ANC 6a)Any family member present use the swaddle with a baby doll6b) at birth soon after be sure close family member uses KMC 6a) Give mother who attend 1st ANC meeting an invitation to give to other family members to ANC to try KMC because they will do it with new born6b) create relevant incentive coupons for attendance & trying KMC- swaddle & baby doll (think of Stork’s Closet @ UNA MD Medical center NICU in Baltimore).
7)      Lack of dedicated space to practice continuous KMC (referring to KMC Ward) 7a) Not needed- Swaddle provides accent to client for continuous KMC in any position7b) Swaddle is discreet. Expand beyond a designated ward- all babies anywhere can do KC – And for preemies too- done in Big Bay Rooms or in Family rooms.
8)      Pain & Fatigue 8a) Swaddle alleviates the constant tension needed to hold baby in place.8a) Swaddle also facilitates oxytocin release & oxytocin is an endogenous opioid that effectively lowers maternal & infant pain.

8c) Swaddle maintains KMC position so oxytocin in the brain relaxes mom and lowers maternal anxiety and fatigue.

8a) Provide other activities for moms giving continuous or long duration KMC (re: music on headphones, magazines, board game) have access to an activity room to have tea with other mothers, cook, watch T.V.-Expect/anticipate break sessions from 24/7 KMC but limit it to 2 a day
9)     lack of support for other chores 9a) Swaddle allows KMC while doing other choresShow video/posters/pictures like Ann Marie Bergle in South Africa helped Public Health Depts. created showing community used KMC while mothers on bus, sweeping, cooking, working with other kids etc.

9b) Do surrogate KMC with swaddle –provides mom a short respite too!

9a) Build better support by education- demonstrate KMC swaddle to family members

10)   Low awareness of KMC

Swaddle will raise community based KMC which will raise awareness of KMC 10a) Billboards, Posters, Public Health Messages, television, magazines, info to educate KMC is for all babies10b) Whatever has been effective in bringing awareness of other health issues (re: smoking, breast feeding, HIV test do with KMC.

10c) have KMC health fairs- try swaddle sc baby dolls in return for incentive coupon/gift.

11)   Lack of spontaneous discussion re: KMC 11a) Swaddle will  ?????? duration of post- discharge community based KMC11b) When mom is taught KMC tell her to talk to all other woman about it.

11c) Using swaddle with full term too may increase spontaneous discussion

11d) Teach moms to use swaddle for pre-terms until 3-6 months post termage


11a) Increase Public Health education & advertising messages.
Labor and Delivery

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