About Precious Image Creations

Founded 1983 by Sylvia Houston

Headquartered in Grayson, Georgia

Precious Image Creations began in 1983 to design and manufacture innovative and fashionable clothing for Moms to allow ease and discretion while breastfeeding.

When Precious Image learned of Skin to Skin Contact and the dramatic difference in the overall health and bond between the baby and the Mom, we then began to develop products to promote Skin-to-Skin Contact.

Precious Image worked closely with focus groups, Birthing Centers and National and International Experts in Skin to Skin Contact to develop garments that would allow a Mom to hold her baby in Skin-to-Skin Contact, breastfeed, be discreet, and hands-free. We now have a full line of garments from which moms can choose.

Our goal has always been to provide a simple garment for Post Partum Care to maximize the benefits for Skin-to Skin Contact, initially in the hospital and those first few months of care. It is recommended for term babies to be held at least 6 hours a day Skin-to-Skin and Premature babies as many hours a day as possible.

We realized the tremendous need for a product to hold the baby secure. It is very hard to hold your baby for any length of time safely without aid.

After extensive research, we have developed the perfect products for both the preemie and full-term infant.  The MaMa Swaddle is for small preemies and full term infants. It has support for the lines, respirator and allows Mom to pump hands free.

With the Second Skin Swaddle, Mom can hold her baby in Skin to Skin Contact and be hands free, and easily move her baby to nursing position.

Mom can also hold her baby and pump hands free, giving the best quantity and quality of milk for her baby.

The advantages are parent satisfaction, successful breastfeeding, reduction in cost, less abuse, and less post-partum depression.

Sylvia Houston

May 30, 2014

“Our goal is to provide quality, stylish clothing for mothers to give the ultimate gift of breastfeeding and Skin-to-Skin Care to their infants.” 
~Sylvia Houston, Founder

Features of our garments:image002-1

• Wash and wear 
• Made in the USA 
• Fabrics give flexibility to fit 
• Convenience in feeding your baby 
• Skin-to-skin care that provides cuddling and bonding interaction 
• Discretion for the most modest Mom 
• Designs are made for the adjusting figure 
• Grade allows for extra length in larger sizes 

Second Skin Swaddle has been safely used in birthing centers for over 4 years.

  • Discreet for Labor and safety holds baby in Skin to Skin after Delivery for the Magic Hour After Birth
  • Allows Newborn Skin to Skin Contact and Breastfeeding.
  • Skin to Skin after Cesarean: Safely used in the Operating Room to secure and warm baby. Holding baby immediately after birth helps mother with pain.
  • Used for Preemie and NAS babies.
  •  Skin to Skin Baby Carrier.
  • Pump hands free.
  • Twin Skin to Skin Carrier holds twins in Skin to Skin contact and twins easily move to the breastfeeding position and allow Mom to breastfeed hands free.

MaMa Swaddle

  • Skin to Skin Postpartum Wear for the Full Term and Preemie Baby. (Line holder available if needed)
  • Allows discreet Skin to Skin breastfeeding
  • Mom can pump hands free
  • Perfect for Mom to hold Preemie Skin to Skin in the NICU and pump hands free.

The Kango Wrap —Kangaroo Care Shirt Baby Carrier

  • Great for a Mom or Dad Skin to Skin Wrap
  • Easily ties as a side to side wrap style or over shoulder in Sling Style.
  • Allows for discreet breastfeeding.

Miracle Cami — Skin to Skin Cami

  • Promotes correct positioning for Skin to Skin
  • Discreet Skin to Skin breastfeeding hands free for baby up to 15 pds.
  • Contoured Shelf Bra
  • Pump Hands Free
  • Discreet Lift and Nurse Cami for baby over 15pds.

Skin to Skin Cami Carrier – Used in birthing centers for over 4 years.

  • Provides Skin to Skin Positioning
  • Contoured shelf Bra
  • Baby easily moves to Breastfeeding Position

Nursing/Breastfeeding Clothing

Sleep Bra
Nursing Gown
Cowl Neck
Classic Line

Labor and Delivery

Wearing The Second Skin Swaddle Is The Perfect Way to Welcome your Baby into the World

Provides coverage during labor and Delivery. After your baby is born he will be dried, diapered and placed on your chest. He will then be covered with the Swaddle Section to keep him warm and secure. The Womb like Enclosure will comfort him as he hears your heart beat and the sound of your voice. Learn More

Hands Free Hold

Step-by-step instructions on using the swaddle

Click below to learn all the steps on how to properly use your swaddle to effectively hold your baby skin-to-skin. Learn More

For Dad's

Great Shirt for Dad to Hold and Bond With His Precious Gift

Skin to Skin Contact the first weeks of life have been proven to be a life changing event for you and your newborn. It is also great for Mom to have a break.

Learn More


The Second Skin Swaddle “patent pending” For Post Partum Wear Allows You to be Discreet While You Safely Hold your Baby In Skin to Skin Contact

Learn More

Moderate Hold

There are two identical sections to the Second Skin Swaddle. A Single Section is used for Labor and Delivery a second section is added for the moderate hold. The design and flexibility of the Swaddle provides all that is needed for Labor/ Delivery and Postpartum while mom is in bed.

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