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  “Precious Image provides Skin to Skin Shirts & Carriers to help you make a difference in the life of you and your baby.”

Brittney Pate-With Newborn 05-06-2015
“I had to be induced. Delivery was great! I had a vaginal birth and told the nurses I wanted skin to skin right after delivery. I used the swaddle postpartum to do skin to skin and my baby loved it! He immediately went to sleep and he also went to the nipple after being  midline a couple of times. I had lots of colostrum from the first day postpartum and I honestly  believe it was because I did skin to skin and the Swaddler helped do this! My milk also came in  2 days after delivery. I am now 6 days out from my delivery and my little one still loves being  skin to skin! He really will calm down and relax when he is on me with the Swaddler. I will  attach a picture that my husband took. I wasn’t asleep just closing my eyes.”


Precious Image Creations helped to pioneer Skin to Skin Care also known as Kangaroo Care in America, working with the top National and International Experts in Skin to Skin Care, Birthing Centers, Doctors, Nurses, Midwifes, Doulas and Lactation Consultants.

It is with delight that we look at our progress of over 13 years but a total of forty years of work has brought over 3000 research studies showing the miracle benefits of Skin to Skin Contact. Skin to Skin Contact is the major component to successful breastfeeding and bonding and has changed the total care of our babies in America and around the world.

We at Precious Image have worked with passion to provide Skin to Skin Shirts for Mom to safely hold her baby in Skin to Skin Contact, easily breastfeed, be hands free and also be used as a Skin to Skin Baby Carrier. This makes it possible for Mom to safely hold, breastfeed and carry her baby for the extended time needed to receive the full benefits of Skin to Skin for full term and preterm babies.

We now have the  State of the Art  Skin to Skin Shirts/Kangaroo Care Shirts which also adapt as a Skin to Skin Baby Carrier that are all made and designed in the USA.

We provide the best and most versatile garments for Skin to Skin Contact, breastfeeding and pumping hands free. We always design to meet the full needs of Mom with built in bras and designed for baby to easily move to the breast and be secure. Our designs range from meeting the needs of a tiny Preemie in the NICU to an 18 pound baby.

The Critical period for Skin to Skin Contact is immediately after birth and the first weeks of life. So our most recommended garment is the Second Skin Swaddle which is used for Labor, Delivery, Postpartum and the NICU. The MaMa Swaddle is great for Preemie and Full term wear, with special design features for the Micro Preemie. It is great for the first year. The Miracle Cami has been the leading Kangaroo Care Shirt for over 10 years. The Kango Wrap also has been a leader as a Kangaroo Shirt for Mom and Dad.

Please refer to the benefits section to see, “Why Hold your baby Skin to Skin”.

Our Mission Statement

Precious Image Creations mission is to design and develop garments in the USA for moms to hold their babies skin to skin, breastfeed or pump and be hands free.

Our products are used in Birthing Centers